How To Have A Good Mindset During Lockdown

Are you feeling stuck and finding the lockdown experience tedious? Are you feeling blessed to be in “lockdown”? Would it help to know that the way we think about our circumstances can be a major influencer of our outcomes and results?

This is an early morning message that I recorded on Sunday 3 May 2020 and it comes from my heart. I have experienced the isolation and sense of frustration that many are feeling right now and I would like to comfort you and give you a few tips on how you might turn this time to advantage. Listen to this message and make a note.

We are in a time of trial and we are in a time of potential fundamental growth. We can choose to come through this better than we went in, providing we adjust our mindset and set our mental compasses to do just that.

This is the transcript of the message contained in the video recorded today:

How To Have a Good Mindset During Lockdown

Hello Friends.

I’m speaking to you live from Berwickshire in the UK.

I am aware that many people are in lockdown, who are listening to this right now, and that we are all in different situation. 

We are all in different parts of the world.

We have all got different circumstances to deal with, within our homes.

Many of us are not actually in our own homes.

Many of us are isolated from our families.

Many of us are alone.

Some of us are with our families and we are in groups, where we are perhaps challenged by the daily proximity of others.

Perhaps we would prefer to be amongst different others.

Perhaps we are really enjoying the way things are.

Perhaps we would rather be on our own.

Perhaps we wish that we could be with people some of the time, not all of the time.

No matter who we are or where we are in the world – and I am speaking from Britain – so, you know, wherever we are in Britain right now, we are all in different situations …

Those of us who might normally be in the city, might right now be in the country or in a village somewhere.

Those of us who are normally living in the country, might not have access to the city and might be feeling that we are stuck, we are imprisoned, we are in cages.

Wherever you are, however you are feeling right now, I feel for you and, in many ways, I understand how you are feeling right now.  Locked down.  Imprisoned.  Isolated.  Stuck.

I have been there myself, many times over the last twenty years or so.  I have lived for weeks at a time with hardly seeing anyone and have done that for many years at a stretch, so I understand the sense of bereftness, loneliness, isolation. 

What I have done during these times, is I have found ways to grow myself, to take myself beyond the feeling of being a victim of something and I have used these times to grow, to learn, to stretch myself, to write, to teach others some of what I am learning and to create things that will come into – either into – fruition or come into use later.

Now I can say a whole lot about that and, if you go to my blog, which you will find at, you will see a little of my story there.  Some of it is captured there; some of it is quite cryptically captured there, and some of what I have written about is observation from others’ experiences that I am connected to in some way.

However you are experiencing this lockdown now, other than those who are at the forefront, who are stocking the supermarket shelves, who are manning the supermarket tills, are in other food shops providing food or working on farms providing the wherewithal for the shops to provide food, who are in the postal services, who are in the health services, who are in the caring services, and many, many more … transportation, government services, people who are keeping things running while the majority of us are in lockdown, people who are putting their lives right at the forefront of potential risk of catching – if not this virus, then of simply becoming extremely tired and challenged that way. 

We are fortunate and this is another thing that I must remind everybody to do:

I just want to let you know that it is really, really important to become mindful of what you are fortunate for, what you are fortunate about, what you can find appreciation for and be grateful for.

It is so important, for our mental health and for our physical and mental wellbeing, to be sincerely and openly grateful, because each and every one of us – no matter our circumstances, no matter what we are dealing with, no matter our physical, emotional or psychological circumstances, our spiritual circumstances, our financial circumstances – each and every one of us can and must find at least one, or two, or three things every single day to be grateful for.

In doing this, I guarantee that you, that we, will find stepping stones in this time, to carry us forward, to keep us as well as we possibly can be under whichever circumstances we find ourselves.  And these are seeds that can be used to grow something more beautiful and greater later.  I promise you. 

Gratitude, appreciation, empathy, compassion and mindfulness – these are tools. 

These are tools that are necessary for the corporate world and our family lives. 

These are tools that are necessary now, as we go forward beyond the world’s lockdown experiences.

These tools are the tools that are key – not only for survival, but to thrive, and these are the tools that bring about profitability in life, in business, and in sustainability in every way. 

So, I urge you, please, to think not about yourselves only, but about others and to think about everything in your life that you can be grateful for, because that – I promise – will take you beyond the sense of being a victim in isolation, to feeling that you have something to contribute to the world and that you are indeed rich.

This is how we carry ourselves forward, from imprisonment and lockdown.  And we do it fruitfully.  And we do it well.  And we come out at the other end way, way better than we went in.  I promise you that.

I live and know this from personal experience. 

I send you love from the countryside, where we are in lockdown as well and we are united with you in that sense. 

Technology is wonderful and we are all so grateful here for having it.

I am grateful for the audience that I have and I am grateful that we are having this shared experience together.

I send you lots of love.

Do keep in touch and let’s keep lifting one another up.

Take care.


Holly x

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