Dear WordPress And Versatile Others

  This is about "The Versatile Blogger Award", which I have been trying to tell the fifteen people whose blogs I nominated, on 1 November 2017, about their nomination for. Having tried numerous times to post a special comment under the latest blog post of several of the blogs whom I have nominated, only to … Continue reading Dear WordPress And Versatile Others

A Catch-Up With Readers

Dear Readers, Today I thought it would be a good idea to stop a while and say thank you to those who have been kind enough to take an interest in my Blog, and who have so willingly 'signed up' to follow The Holly Tree Tales, either as fellow bloggers or via personal email updates. Having finally … Continue reading A Catch-Up With Readers

Monday morning Blog potholes

It is the start of a new week and I would love to be able to find the answers to a few questions on the physical workings of le Blog, by having someone real and three dimensional show me the way. Yesterday I posted a blurb (about Ifafa) and struggled to get it to look like … Continue reading Monday morning Blog potholes

Gentle progress on the Blog structure

Well, believe it or not, I have finally managed to create additional Menu headings for The Holly Tree Tales ... After weeks of attempting to do this by myself (both of my tech savvy children away and colleagues scant right now) and making all manner of errors, I have once more achieved a shift in the growth direction. What … Continue reading Gentle progress on the Blog structure

Frustration … and being frozen in the spotlight

When this post was originally written, on Tuesday 20 January 2015, I could not find my way to publish it, having lost all sense of technological direction! I have returned to the previously blank page today, Friday 27 March 2015, and edited it ... this time adding the original script. Its confusing nature reflects the mental agony I was … Continue reading Frustration … and being frozen in the spotlight

An Initial Welcome

["The Holly Tree Tales" was registered with WordPress on 2 January 2015, and received its first post on Sunday 4 January. This post is an edited version of my original, which I forgot to save and deleted in error, when I posted this version two weeks later.]   Welcome to my brand new blog, “The Holly Tree Tales”. On the ABOUT … Continue reading An Initial Welcome