Holly Maxwell Boydell

Holly Maxwell Boydell is a writer, speaker, mentor, knowledge broker and the editor and founder of The Holly Tree Tales.

Also the Founder of Towards Greener Borders, Holly lives as she suggests and has a resolute management style, including when it comes to keeping garden, land and built environments natural and healthful.

Holly has a profound amount of experience at ‘creating the essence of home’ – whether at work or in personal life – paying attention to detail for all the senses. She is organised and prefers environments healthy and sustainable, with wellbeing always at the forefront of her focus and consideration.

With a keen eye for beauty in design and a love of all things empowerment, Holly Maxwell Boydell has been called ‘a stylist’ as well as a natural teacher, by many who have known or worked with her over the years in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond.

Two of Holly Maxwell Boydell’s motto / hashtags are “Organic Is Best” and “Give Our Children Hope”. She believes that it is our responsibility as adults to steward the earth and to raise children well, in order to empower them to live happily and successfully in all respects.

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