Give Up Concern For Man’s Opinion

    Give up the concern for Man's opinion. Seek only to do what brings excellence and peace to your own divine relationship with your Creator and your Source of all ... and all else will follow calmly and simply and beautifully and well. Love will follow as you fully love, and all will take … Continue reading Give Up Concern For Man’s Opinion

Love And Friendship Without Strings

    If you feel the need to compete for someone's love, or buy your way into people's lives, wait and see what happens when you have nothing left to bargain with. If you choose friends by what they have, rather than who they are on the inside, wait and see what happens when your … Continue reading Love And Friendship Without Strings

Life is worth mastering …

This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of when I left my beloved Africa, to come to the United Kingdom, embarking on a journey whose road I could not see before me. It has been one heck of a ride.

The original version of this particular blog post, “Life is worth mastering”, was published in February 2015 (twenty three years after leaving Britain at short notice, due to the death by suicide of my husband’s eldest brother, returning again to live in the UK in 2006).  This post has been reblogged by others, for which I am immensely surprised and grateful. I thank all for the tremendous support that my words have received.

Here it is again …

Blessings and love,
Holly x




The Holly Tree Tales

The piece below was written upon waking this morning, Tuesday 17th February 2015, and flowed from my pen as I allowed the words to ‘write’ themselves. The thoughts come from my own experience of life, and my own journey, but the flow of words was not controlled. I simply allowed them to be, just as I am learning to do.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in Great Britain, home of my ancestors, from the country of my own birth, South Africa. This month, February, marks the anniversary of the sudden and tragic death of my brother-in-law, an event which catapulted me to Australia, as a young bride twenty three years ago. Nine years ago, I returned to the United Kingdom once more, older, a little wiser and with a family of my own. This month, and this year, each hold enormous significance for me personally, as do several other…

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Judging And Loving

Judging And Loving Don't judge that which you cannot understand, For only fools do that. Don't judge the one whose shoes you've not walked in, Unless you know that you could walk his path. Don't judge others, For while you point one finger, three are pointing back at you. Don't sit around chewing over the … Continue reading Judging And Loving

Double For Your Trouble

  One day I heard that God was going to gift me "double for my trouble".  This was an awesome promise.  I could hardly believe that anyone, let alone God, could make up for all the 'avalanches', the trials and shocks, the pain and all the sorrow. Well, he is doing just as he promised, by … Continue reading Double For Your Trouble

Doing Things For Oneself First

The case for doing what works for ourselves, first and foremost When we do something, we ought to do it knowing that all goodness in the universe is watching us, and do it for ourselves first, because it is impossible to please all men all the time. As a simple example of this statement, one can … Continue reading Doing Things For Oneself First