Suddenly Lift Off

What do you do when suddenly you find yourself flying through mid-air and you are not in the least bit prepared for this?

Well, one thing is … you wing it.

I have completely neglected my blog audience by virtue of having been ensconced in doing a Mastermind & Knowledge Broker course since mid-March and, as a result, have lots of news to catch up with still.

Today I shall be going live on Facebook to talk about isolation and sharing some of my own story in relation to that.

You can find me live on The Holly Tree Tales’ Facebook page at 4.30pm UK time on Wednesdays at the moment. I’ve made a few live appearances there lately and in a number of other places.

More news and updates to follow soon!

Holly x

UPDATE: Here is the talk mentioned on Isolation and the accompanying blogpost is “For Now There Is Isolation”.

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