Stay Calm

Homegrown organic lavender, it smells divine. Do your research. Lift others as you climb. Practise good hygiene. Build your immune system. Be sensible about where you spend time. Be calmly mindful. Do what you ought to do anyway. Make amends and make your love known. This will pass and we shall learn the lessons inherent … Continue reading Stay Calm

Mindset Matters

  Did you know? Misery likes company. Fixed mindsets are draining. Growth mindsets energise us. People with a growth mindset need to be around others with a growth mindset. Be mindful. Mindset matters. ♥ Holly x     Special Note: If you are enjoying the content of The Holly Tree Tales, please FOLLOW the blog … Continue reading Mindset Matters

Think The Right Thing

"Think the right thing." 💛 Do we realise how powerful our thoughts are, how we influence much in our lives by how we think? One of my methods for dealing with diabolical situations, is to find points of humour and I easily laugh with myself. When we laugh, tension is released and we feel so … Continue reading Think The Right Thing

Notice The Gold All Around You

Dear Readers, Today I thought "it is time for a little catch-up".  How quickly we can lose our days, when we do not stop and take in the little moments, which are each as precious as life can get.  Hence this post. It is Friday, my week has been crazy, I have been learning all … Continue reading Notice The Gold All Around You

What We Focus On

  The following brief piece was written in response to a flood of challenging and heartbreaking news, pouring in and being spread abroad by our general worldwide media. *   What we focus on, we get more of. Stop focusing on guns and watching violent films, and the appetite to make and supply them will … Continue reading What We Focus On

Forgive To Be Free

  Forgive To Be Free   When I was a teenager, after my first stepfather died, tragically, I remember discovering deep inside me a thought that the deeper the pain, the more the capacity for love / happiness / joy ... as if the pain was like a drill, making space to fill the void … Continue reading Forgive To Be Free