Writing Poems

Did you know that writing is a good way to help yourself to find answers? Did you know that getting out of your own way and writing what wants to be written can be therapeutic as well as insightful? Did you know that writing poetry can be an inspired creative outlet, a wonderful tool for … Continue reading Writing Poems

The Artist Is In All ~ A Poem

The Artist Is In All The architect creates beauty in structure, The gardener paints beauty with plants, The poet sketches beauty with words, The musician shares beauty through sound, The dancer carries beauty in movement, The actor frees beauty through expression, The designer styles beauty with form, The artist nurtures and captures it all ... … Continue reading The Artist Is In All ~ A Poem

If You Can ~ A Poem

If You Can If you can Live where you love the sounds that you'll hear Where you love the sights that you'll see Where you love the feelings you get Where you love the hope that you hear If you can. Where you love the people you'll meet Where you love the beat that you'll … Continue reading If You Can ~ A Poem

Diamonds Are Made In The Rough ~ A Poem

DIAMONDS ARE MADE IN THE ROUGH   Don't ever give up. Whoever you are, whatever you're going through, don't give up. You matter. You are made of the dust of the stars. You are a unique and precious child of God. You belong in this beautiful universe, Your steps are valued on this precious earth. … Continue reading Diamonds Are Made In The Rough ~ A Poem

Out Of Control ~ A Poem

  Out Of Control Lethargy invades the space of my physical being and ebbing waves of wasted energy escape along the surface of my skin Tiredness controls my thoughts which hold me prisoner no motivation to erase the memories no wish to love no strength to hate Forgiveness cannot exist in the cesspool of indifference … Continue reading Out Of Control ~ A Poem

Hope Regained ~ A Poem

This poem was originally written without a title; a second version was written a few years later, given the title “Hope Regained”. This is the original version, with title added.   * Hope Regained All alone, inside ice cold and sad tonight, here in this empty room; Listening to the sounds of passing cars and … Continue reading Hope Regained ~ A Poem

Poem: Collecting Leaves – Revised Version

Collecting Leaves - The revised version - Golden sunshine captures me as I look into the leaves ... Smells and sights and sounds I feel As into the depths of golden hues I allow my spirit to sink and swim and swallow wholeness From without into within and all around and all beyond me When … Continue reading Poem: Collecting Leaves – Revised Version