Blogging Moments

  Dear Readers, hello again! It has been ten days since I last posted a note and, despite several attempts at posting new content, I promise that the time in between has not been all together wasted ... I have been learning, or at least attempting to learn, how to make a few adjustments to the site. … Continue reading Blogging Moments

First Anniversary of The Holly Tree Tales Blog

  What a lovely surprise to receive this message from WordPress last night: "Happy Anniversary with! You registered on one year ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!" It is indeed an auspicious occasion, and I am very grateful to have readers and followers of the blog, on this … Continue reading First Anniversary of The Holly Tree Tales Blog

Tackling Blog Technology

Tuesday 24th February 2015 1.08pm Oh dear ... I have managed to erase the carefully installed Menu headings on The Holly Tree Tales, and now they are all lumped into one basket called "Gardens". The Garden of Life is playing games with me again. Three steps forward, five steps back. Three weeks ago, I managed to remove … Continue reading Tackling Blog Technology

Monday morning calm

After a great panic and utter bewilderment, calm has been restored ... my wonderful daughter spent much of her precious Sunday working generously and diligently on the "THTT Restoration Project". So, thanks to my daughter and the beauty of technology and communications working in harmony over great distance, we are now able to see the right hand … Continue reading Monday morning calm

The Blog page called “Home”

It is the last day of January 2015 and I am still looking at my new Blog, hoping that soon we shall become true friends, but standing back with a degree of scepticism and fear about how to manage the technical challenge that it presents. There have been so many levels of learning involved in simply posting … Continue reading The Blog page called “Home”

Dawning of realisation

Note: "realisation" without a capital "R". I think I am getting my head around the mechanics of Blog Land, for my own little Blog Land at least! Having taken several years to get to the point of actually 'hopping onto the stage' of blogging, I have tripped over all the cables and potholes of the technicality … Continue reading Dawning of realisation

Learning to create a Blog

Have managed a post or two on my newly registered "Blog", and have figured out how to load a photo or three, but still stuck on the process ... Thankfully, one has pen and paper, and Word documents, to store one's thoughts and ramblings, while the structure of the "Blog" remains such a mysterious wonder. … Continue reading Learning to create a Blog