My Story

Disclaimer: I feel it necessary to say that this is a very personal element of my blog and therefore, if you would rather not know me as a real person, please do not read it.

I have shared small insights into my personal story with others in my life, sometimes in an effort to try to understand it, but usually in the hope that openness about my own experiences would help them, even in some small way. I do not seek to generate any attention to myself through these writings.

Please understand that I value my privacy very highly and appreciate your valuing it too, just as I always value others’ privacy myself.

Sometimes, in writing things down, we are helped to see them more clearly and to face them in better ways than we might already have.

Hence, I have a second reason for writing my story here and it is so that I can fully face the journey that I have walked thus far. Please respect this and know that some of it comes from a place of great pain, which I am prepared to share with others for their own healing too.

When we bring things out into the light, the darkness vanishes.

My story is found written in small parts throughout “The Holly Tree Tales” blogscroll as it evolves, as well as through my books, speaking or moderating on virtual stages and via my Podcast.


This page was originally created in January 2015.



Holly climbing up to slide, Cape Town - undated about 1969 - THTT signed


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