Prayer Ministry

I am starting a worldwide Prayer Ministry and will be creating the Facebook group for it later today. Please look out for notification of this and or comment below this post if you would like to be prayed for. Mindfully,Holly x PS. Follow the blog to receive email updates of latest blogposts or to see … Continue reading Prayer Ministry

Stay Calm

Homegrown organic lavender, it smells divine. Do your research. Lift others as you climb. Practise good hygiene. Build your immune system. Be sensible about where you spend time. Be calmly mindful. Do what you ought to do anyway. Make amends and make your love known. This will pass and we shall learn the lessons inherent … Continue reading Stay Calm

How to Get The Knowledge Broker Blueprint ~ Last Chance!

  Wow - they heard you loud and clear, Friends ...    When the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course + 12 Months of Mindmint Software (plus all the crazy bonuses) actually shut down on Monday 9 March 2020 at midnight, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi said people were in shock! It’s true… yesterday morning, Tuesday 10 … Continue reading How to Get The Knowledge Broker Blueprint ~ Last Chance!