Finding the Power to Solve Personal Problems

  Have you ever held a book in your hands which you felt was truly special and worth sharing with others? Earlier this year I bought the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.  I felt that I might have read this book many years ago and, indeed, may have it in … Continue reading Finding the Power to Solve Personal Problems

Faith And Love

Part of the remains of a 900 year old cathedral, at St Andrews ... Got me thinking that it's just as well faith in God is not based on bricks and mortar, denominations, church boards, or even coffee morning rotas ... It is love that is what is meant to demonstrate to the world that … Continue reading Faith And Love

Shine Anyway

  Shine Anyway The devil will hold on for dear life, but when he loses his grip, he loses his grip. Cheesed off to the enth degree, mightily ****** off, yes, but when he loses his grip that's that. Do not be afraid of anything. Have faith and keep facing forward, with determination and a … Continue reading Shine Anyway

Double For Your Trouble

  One day I heard that God was going to gift me "double for my trouble".  This was an awesome promise.  I could hardly believe that anyone, let alone God, could make up for all the 'avalanches', the trials and shocks, the pain and all the sorrow. Well, he is doing just as he promised, by … Continue reading Double For Your Trouble