How The Podcast Journey Begins!

For those who have been following my blog since the blogging journey started in January 2015, it will come as no surprise that I have now added a podcast to my ‘repertoire’ … not least with some trepidation!

As has been the case with most other things that I have been doing online, this journey to the podcasting stage took many months of consideration before I finally shut my eyes and bounced off the proverbial diving plank.

I seem to have a penchant for coming at things sideways and then for leaping forward without being in the least prepared. At the ripe young age of 57 I am still learning about myself, let alone about the techie genius that one needs to have in order to effectively dance around on an international stage … which is what this is all about, realistically, in the long run.

The podcast is only one component of the flooring structure that it seems one needs, in the internationally online world, if one is to launch beyond the velvet curtains. I am doing my best to keep abreast of the trend, which is nothing short of hilarious especially when one does things in the fashion and style that I tend to until au fait.

Thus it was that two nights ago, at bedtime, I spontaneously grabbed my wonderful new iphone, a hugely generous gift for my birthday and Christmas from my daughter a few months ago, and recorded this …

… which was determinedly loaded and fired up onto the Podbean stage … where it has sat quietly and fairly invisibly for the last two days.

I have no idea how the Podcast ought to be titled nor which is the landing page or the Podcast name and, to be honest, I am still fairly confused about what each ought to be.

Having thought that I had called The Podcast “Thinking Hearts” and imagining how perfectly wonderfully that fits with the many people and words that could be shared this way, with authenticity and love, I then discovered that the podcast name might actually be “The Holly Tree Tales”. So, now I am thoroughly confused and am going to have to take a step back, while I await further inspiration from the Universe.

Please do listen to the micro ‘podcast’ and give it a thumbs up, so that the googly algorithms, or whatever it is that helps to get our digital work noticed, will wake up and think that there is something of value about to be going on here. So much to get a podcast up and running!

While you are at it, please FOLLOW The Holly Tree Tales’ Blog, to wake up the googly traffic monster AND to receive notifications of new blogposts into your WordPress Reader feed or into your email inbox.

If you would like to be added to my mailing list and newsletters, sign up free of charge at … no spam sent.

Wish me tenacity and clarity on this Podcast Journey, please, as I wish you well on all adventures of yours. Let’s continue to navigate this one precious life with humour and all things good, no matter the state of the world.

Oh, and remember to subscribe to my fledgling YouTube Channel as well. In due course all these things will be more efficiently taken care of than in my ad hoc style!

Here’s to freewheeling and Happy Listening!

I look forward to connecting with you via the Podcast, now and as it develops, and to introducing you to the international, interesting and inspiring guests I shall be including in the repertoire there soon.

Holly x

PS. Stand by for news of upcoming Masterminds. I am looking forward to sharing more on these as soon as I can.

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