Sunday Morning Mindfulness

Quietly and sleepily sipping my first cup of Earl Grey tea early this morning, I slowly and absorbingly read the pages of a beautiful hardback book given to me by my mother and stepfather a few years ago.  I think it was a Christmas present - there will be a note inside to tell me, … Continue reading Sunday Morning Mindfulness

Appreciation Of Nature And Creation

A couple of weeks ago I penned a few brief words, as I pondered the ludicrousness of ignoring our Creator. The words are short and sharp and pointed, but they are not meant to harm, merely to open a shutter of light and let the awareness of magnificence in ... ~ : ~ It is … Continue reading Appreciation Of Nature And Creation

Quiet Time In Winchester Cathedral

A few months ago, I was down in Winchester to attend a couple of events at Winchester College and found a little time for myself on the Saturday morning, anonymous and alone amongst the many inhabitants and visitors to the town. Feeling tired and fairly tender on the day, I decided to take myself on foot to … Continue reading Quiet Time In Winchester Cathedral

When you are valued …

When you are valued for who you are, rather than what you have or what you can bring to a party, you know you are truly valued by others.  The truth is that value starts at home, and is not based on what others think, over which one has no control.  When personal value is intact, … Continue reading When you are valued …

The Power of Prosperity

As I woke this morning, I heard the words “the power of prosperity”, repeating themselves in my mind. At first I was amused, and then I picked up my pen and golden notebook and wrote down what follows ... What is ‘The Power of Prosperity’? It is a form of surrender to what you already … Continue reading The Power of Prosperity

Image is all about ego

On this chilly Tuesday morning, as I watched the sun spreading its light across the sky, with a hotwater bottle pressed firmly against my back, I wrote a few words in my journal, which I thought I would share via The Holly Tree Tales today... on the 'ego' and what we present to the world as our 'image': … Continue reading Image is all about ego