Holly Reads ~ 1 Corinthians 1

Dear Readers and Listeners, I hope you will enjoy this interesting and inspiring message of empowerment, which is from 1 Corinthians 1 in "The Message" version of the Bible, translated by Eugene Petersen. Read for you on the Wisdom app today, it can be found at: join.wisdom.audio/FrzH 💜 Mindfully and with love, Holly x PS. … Continue reading Holly Reads ~ 1 Corinthians 1

What Would Jesus Do ~ Revised

  Have you ever wondered ... What Would Jesus Do?  This is the revised version of a post published at The Holly Tree Tales on 30 April 2015. * In my quietest moments, and sometimes even in the midst of a current or a raging storm, I wonder to myself “What would Jesus do?” Over … Continue reading What Would Jesus Do ~ Revised

Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

    Dear Readers, You might have noticed my absence from the Blog for a few weeks.  Hopefully, those who follow my Instagram posts and Twitter feed will have seen that I have been abroad on an adventure and realised that I have had my attention on matters of life.  I am now back in … Continue reading Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

Faith And Love

Part of the remains of a 900 year old cathedral, at St Andrews ... Got me thinking that it's just as well faith in God is not based on bricks and mortar, denominations, church boards, or even coffee morning rotas ... It is love that is what is meant to demonstrate to the world that … Continue reading Faith And Love

On Holiness

  Do you know what #holiness is? Sometimes in life we wonder why we feel drawn away from the crowd, why things that others are doing does not feel right to us and holds little appeal. Sometimes we find ourselves alone in situations where it would be easier to go with the flow of the many, but … Continue reading On Holiness

Shine Anyway

  Shine Anyway The devil will hold on for dear life, but when he loses his grip, he loses his grip. Cheesed off to the enth degree, mightily ****** off, yes, but when he loses his grip that's that. Do not be afraid of anything. Have faith and keep facing forward, with determination and a … Continue reading Shine Anyway

Appreciation Of Nature And Creation

A couple of weeks ago I penned a few brief words, as I pondered the ludicrousness of ignoring our Creator. The words are short and sharp and pointed, but they are not meant to harm, merely to open a shutter of light and let the awareness of magnificence in ... ~ : ~ It is … Continue reading Appreciation Of Nature And Creation