Find Something To Smile About

A little thought for the day: Sometimes we have to take whatever it is that we are dealing with and say "Do you know what? I choose to think positively, to hope magnificently, to take steps courageously and to believe in possibility." Why would we not? So, whatever it is that is tough, rough or … Continue reading Find Something To Smile About

A Study On Flow

  Several quotes and other writings that I have seen over the past week have prompted me to write a piece on the subject of flow in our lives.  This has been an interesting personal challenge, as there have been weather patterns showing their otherwise faces and things breaking down or getting completely stuck, all … Continue reading A Study On Flow

A Little Note Of Encouragement

When you can't do any more in your own strength, you just throw the whole lot up in the air and say "God, YOU do it!", then settle back and have a hot chocolate ... Only problem is, when you open your eyes again, the piles are still there ... and then you pick up … Continue reading A Little Note Of Encouragement

On Holiness

  Do you know what #holiness is? Sometimes in life we wonder why we feel drawn away from the crowd, why things that others are doing does not feel right to us and holds little appeal. Sometimes we find ourselves alone in situations where it would be easier to go with the flow of the many, but … Continue reading On Holiness

A Little Note On Strength

People often mistake strength for courage, loyalty and perseverance. How often have we called someone 'strong', without ever knowing how many tears they've shed, how often they have had to grit their teeth and smile and take another little step despite the waves, how much they are hurting behind their determination to keep their heads … Continue reading A Little Note On Strength

Double For Your Trouble

  One day I heard that God was going to gift me "double for my trouble".  This was an awesome promise.  I could hardly believe that anyone, let alone God, could make up for all the 'avalanches', the trials and shocks, the pain and all the sorrow. Well, he is doing just as he promised, by … Continue reading Double For Your Trouble

Thinking of Nepal

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       * Thinking of the beautiful people in Nepal, and praying for all those affected by the earthquake and aftershocks in the region, or involved in the rescue and recovery efforts. May beauty … Continue reading Thinking of Nepal