How To Grow Your Life

Today I thought I would tell you a little about myself, as this is my blog and it was first set up to do just that, as well as to add value to your journey in life!These are a few words I wrote in February 2020, on another platform, which give a little peek into … Continue reading How To Grow Your Life

In Conversation With My Son ~ An Interview

An exciting announcement ... Did you know that I recently launched my own YouTube channel?  It seemed that it was time to create more dimensions to the messages and work that I do and thus the new* platform was born. About ten days ago, I sat before the camera in conversation with my son, Hunter, … Continue reading In Conversation With My Son ~ An Interview

Welcome The Challenges

It is in life's toughest times that we have the opportunities to grow the most. If we don't accept those lessons, recognise them for what they are, learn from them, and expand as human beings within those labour pains, we give birth to nothing new. It is always our choice in the testing times: learn … Continue reading Welcome The Challenges

An Eagle Moment With A Master Coach

Here's a little Once Upon A Time pic ... London circa 1988.  Do you know who the gentleman is? I loved to attend his motivational talks, always took copious notes, thrived in the vibe of possibility and positive thinking, could listen and absorb hours and hours of wisdom, never tired of the greatness, the teaching on growth, mindsets and … Continue reading An Eagle Moment With A Master Coach

What We Work And Fight For

  The thing that you work and fight the hardest for, is the thing that will bring greatest satisfaction, and be appreciated the most, when breakthrough comes. Nothing truly worth having ever came easily, at least not without great moves of the ground beneath first ... Grace is what gets us there ... "full measure, … Continue reading What We Work And Fight For