My Books

This little book took many years to be birthed.

It is a compilation of poems that have been written by me, over a few decades, the first in a series planned for publishing.

Why was the birthing process so hard and why did it take so long to produce this?

First, I started a blog, The Holly Tree Tales … in January 2015 … then I realised that I had poetry stored on scraps of paper or in journals, that others might be interested to read … then I saw the interest in the poems that I wrote … then I decided to find out how to publish the collection, as a first book, when I was contemplating where to start in the ebook publishing space.

In August 2019, after many twists on the journey, I launched my very first ebook … this one … Ten Poems, Volume One.

I have been meaning ever since to publish this in paperback, before moving on to Volume Two … but a huge wave hit my life at the end of August 2019 and, try as I might to overcome the deep emotional impact, I have not yet been able to birth the paperback version.

It will come … when the incubation process is complete.

It has been a huge blessing to be in the Amazon Bestseller space with this little ebook and I do not know whether I even told my beautiful Blog audience about this at the time.

This, I think, is all I said, as I was so nervous and so shy about ‘bigging myself up’ …

I look forward to publishing more, as soon as I can, and look forward to hearing that you have enjoyed reading my first book!


Holly x

Holly Maxwell Boydell

PS. Click here to order your copy of my first book