Gratitude Moment

Taking a moment to appreciate and being real in the process of feeling gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

  Happy Thanksgiving! To all my friends who celebrate the gifts of life at this time each year ... I am grateful for each of you in my life. Gratitude and thanksgiving are powerful. Have a beautiful observance time.   💜   Holly x     PS. Would you like to receive my newsletters?  If … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Thank You for 1,000 Likes

Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on The Holly Tree Tales. Your current tally is 1,010.   Dear Readers, WordPress recently sent me a notification to say that 1,000 Likes had been received by The Holly Tree Tales' site. I just wanted to say a big ... THANK YOU and how much I value your … Continue reading Thank You for 1,000 Likes

A Moment Before Christmas ~ Revisited

This piece was written on Monday 21 December 2015.  I share it here, as a mindfulness offering in the lead-up to Chistmas.  It will be my fifty sixth birthday on Tuesday next week, 11 December, and two weeks after that will be the day that we celebrate another's birth, after whom the festivity and 'holiday … Continue reading A Moment Before Christmas ~ Revisited

Notice The Gold All Around You

Dear Readers, Today I thought "it is time for a little catch-up".  How quickly we can lose our days, when we do not stop and take in the little moments, which are each as precious as life can get.  Hence this post. It is Friday, my week has been crazy, I have been learning all … Continue reading Notice The Gold All Around You

Raise The Vibe

  Sometimes in life, it is the fewest words that say the most. Gratitude goes a long way towards lifting the atmosphere in any environment. Appreciation for what is in our lives, what others have invested into our lives, the presence of others in our lives, the opportunities that await us or present themselves to … Continue reading Raise The Vibe

A Tribute To My Mother

Taking a moment to honour my mother. This is the woman who gave birth to me in South Africa, two weeks before Christmas, two months before her twentieth birthday, the parent I grew up with in Africa, before she returned to live in the UK when I was 21. I had 'left' home for practical … Continue reading A Tribute To My Mother

A Letter To God

  Prompted by WordPress' daily post writing suggestion "confess", I am publishing the 'Letter' I wrote to God this morning.  It seemed a fitting day to take stock and get a few priorities in order, before the year ends and 2018 is upon us ... This is, I suppose, more or less a modern psalm … Continue reading A Letter To God

A Gratitude Moment

It is the beginning of a new week and I thought I would take a moment to still my mind and take stock of the present ... now is a present and the present is now. When we are slain by difficulty or pressure, squeezed into other people's deadlines and commitments, pushed by life into … Continue reading A Gratitude Moment