My First Book Is Launched!

Dear Readers, I have MORE exciting news! My first book is published and it launched today!!   This is such a welcome and thrilling milestone for me.  It is also highly significant, in that I have overcome many obstacles to get to this point, only some of which are noted in the blog. You might have … Continue reading My First Book Is Launched!

First Ebook About To Launch

  Dear Readers, Exciting News! My first ever Kindle book, "Ten Poems - Volume One" is in review and will be launched on Tuesday 13th August 2019. On Tuesday, the book will be set at a very low price, to enable friends and family to buy it for a very small amount when it is … Continue reading First Ebook About To Launch

A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

    This week I received a surprise greeting from WordPress, reminding me that the beginning of January marks the anniversary of the launch of my blog, The Holly Tree Tales.  As has happened similarly in the previous two years, the reminder came with a little message saying: "Achievement Happy Anniversary with! You registered … Continue reading A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

  Dear Readers, Last Saturday, 18th November 2017, was an auspicious day for The Holly Tree Tales blog ... it became A Dot Com ... and was apparently "doing somersaults in excitement!" In other words, this website, The Holly Tree Tales, went from being a WordPress Dot Com, to a Dot Com in its own … Continue reading When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

Dear WordPress And Versatile Others

  This is about "The Versatile Blogger Award", which I have been trying to tell the fifteen people whose blogs I nominated, on 1 November 2017, about their nomination for. Having tried numerous times to post a special comment under the latest blog post of several of the blogs whom I have nominated, only to … Continue reading Dear WordPress And Versatile Others

500 Likes ~ Thank you!

  Dear Readers, I have just received a notification from WordPress, to say that The Holly Tree Tales has received 500 likes on articles and posts. Thank you so much, to all the Bloggers and other Readers who have encouraged my writing and who have clicked on the little star. I really appreciate every one of … Continue reading 500 Likes ~ Thank you!

Why Do I Have A Blog?

In January 2015 I began the technological challenge of building a blog.  For a few years before that, friends and family had suggested that I take my communication to a wider audience. Over many years, indeed since my teen years, people have suggested that I write my story and create stories out of my experiences … Continue reading Why Do I Have A Blog?

Wednesday blog confusion

I wrote a small piece. I 'illustrated' it with photographs. I tried publishing it at once. It looked fine. I looked the next day; it looked gross. I tried again, adjusting everything. It looked fine. For half an hour. Then, again, it looked gross. I had heard that it is best to post large photographs. I … Continue reading Wednesday blog confusion