About The Holly Tree Tales
Words to describe The Holly Tree Tales’ blog site and what readers might find here, will follow in a little while.

Why “The Holly Tree Tales”?
Words to follow.



Please accept the content and quality of the photography that you find at The Holly Tree Tales, in the understanding that this is a personal site, containing stories, recollections and reflections in words primarily.
The Holly Tree Tales’ pictorial content is not intended to be judged on photographic merit, as if this were a Photographer’s website, which it is not.  The photographs are here to compliment written material, designed to be seen or read with acceptance, absorbing the full content of presentation. If the photographs are pleasing, that is a blessing and a bonus. Where any photographs appear at The Holly Tree Tales, they have been placed with care or spontaneity, for their meaning, to illustrate a point, or other relevance to a post or specific page.

The majority of photographs at The Holly Tree Tales have been taken by the Author herself, or by someone else, usually using the Author’s simple camera, or have come from the Author’s personal family archive.
Unless stated otherwise, the pictures and photographs on this site belong to the Author and may not be copied. Every photograph belonging to the Author, or her representative, is signed © The Holly Tree Tales. Please respect this copyright, all rights reserved.



* Words about the Author appear on the next page, or please follow link:


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