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A platform promoting a vision for an organic, sustainable & healthy environment, with a mission to encourage, empower, inform & inspire positive outcomes.

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Towards Greener Borders promotes a vision for an organic, sustainable & healthy environment, with a mission to encourage, empower, inform & inspire positive outcomes.

Our dream is to contribute in a positive & empowering way, standing alongside others who are doing the same, making wise business & personal decisions to effect sustainable changes around the world.


Increasingly we hear about agricultural or development-related damage to the earth, as well as to plant, human & animal health & wellbeing.

This goes hand-in-hand with much else that is happening globally, in city & countryside, a particular and significant feature in areas where chemically-managed agriculture dominates.

There is a growing awareness around the world of the need to turn back the clock in some senses, to learn from our forefathers, rather than continually repeat mistakes or lurch forth with the latest manmade schemes to control and manipulate Nature & our natural environment. It has sustained itself for millennia without our help. We must heed the circumstances, consequences & test the wisdom of drastic action first.

More and more we hear of the dangers of modern pesticides, fungicides, herbicides & chemical fertilisers.

We hear of “natural disasters” that have come about as a direct result of land clearance, monoculture & other demonstrations of sheer short sightedness.

Equally, people are becoming attuned to the fact that much of how large corporate business has dominated the growing & management of our vital resources – food, water, air, soil, oxygen-providing landscapes etc – is harmful, ‘ego-centric’, unethical, unfair … a recipe for increasing disaster.

Many are now aware of the fact that chemicals in their daily lives are harming their health, some in cruel & quite spectacular fashion, and are turning to natural alternatives to regain their health, in a bid for life & wellness, rather than the now all-too-common serious & debilitating cancers and other excruciatingly challenging illnesses that exist in our society today.

Within the last sixty to seventy years, concurrent with the widespread international manufacture of manmade chemicals being used on the land & in food produced synthetically, societal and chemical-related illness has skyrocketed.

This does not need Science to prove, although the statistics are out there – one only needs to ask amongst friends and loved ones, to find out how many are suffering, or know of others who are or have suffered, as a result of ‘modern’ illness brought about by exposure to ingredients & stressors in our food, our environment, or direct exposure to toxic chemicals and harmful materials, even in our homes.

We need to learn from this.

We need to help ourselves and each other, to turn the tide of despair that has played havoc with the lives of so many in our midst.

Some accept their fate and do not fight; others adopt a determination to overcome what has caused their present suffering, and work to conquer the seemingly inevitable condition or potential demise.

The Towards Greener Borders international community was founded to help inform, empower, encourage, inspire & assist those who wish to choose a more positive, hopeful & life-giving route, along with all else that they are doing to that end.

It has been proven that people (and animals) are happiest in environments where there is natural diversity & ecological balance.

Wildlife thrives where there are natural habitats & free access to sustainable sources of food.

We all thrive when those around us are well.

We thrive most when out in Nature, where we sense balance not far away.

At the moment, however, we hear repeatedly and increasingly about the dangers that are facing various creatures, not least vital pollinators (such as bees and butterflies). This is ringing alarm bells in the minds of many.

We need all parts of our eco-system, in order for us to thrive and to know that we are leaving a positive legacy for those who will follow us. Yet we are wreaking untold havoc on the earth right now.

This is not helpful; it is not wise; it is not sustainable.

As individuals, we each play an important part in the choices we make. We need a critical mass moving in the right direction, in order to reverse the decline of our general overall health, our natural beauty and our natural & free, life-giving resources.

It is in all of our interests to do so, and goes beyond the realm of financial fortune – it is a basic human need to be well, to be fed, to feel loved & to have hope.

As humans, we owe it to ourselves and to one another to help this process back onto its feet. That way we will not only feed, but also nurture, one another and the world.

As we all know, yet surprisingly few seem to really understand, we have only this one earth on which to live out our natural lives, and this is the only moment that each of us has to make a difference.

It is our hope that this Towards Greener Borders Global (first created on Facebook in May 2014) will empower many with some of the information necessary to help us to make positive decisions about how we farm, garden, grow food, buy food, and make other lifestyle & working choices.

Starting right where we are, and drawing on the inspiration of others who are working towards a similar goal, it is our dream that our immediate environment and the world beyond will become a more hopeful, healing, healthy & happy place to be.

We suggest you look out for:

– ORGANIC farmers in your region

– Outlets that sell ORGANIC foods & other natural products

– Environments to visit where chemicals are never used

– Properties & buildings that are natural or organic, sustainable & healthy

– Any positive news about people & products in that reflect an authentic ORGANIC + sustainable ethos.


We have set up the TOWARDS GREENER BORDERS GLOBAL community space as a forum. We trust that those who participate will adhere to our ethos of goodwill, respecting our sincere desire to promote only what is authentically ORGANIC, NATURAL + SUSTAINABLE.

We have a strict ethos. We cannot vouch for the content of what might be contributed.

Please feel welcome to join in the discussion, making comments & contributions as a valued member of a worldwide community, noting that the positive ethos of TGBG is strong & we intend to keep it that way.

Our vision is to inspire, encourage, inform & empower one another, in safe, healthy, viable & sustainable ways. Please respect this @ work together with us to this end.

We reserve the right to block any offensive language or unsuitable comments & ask that all contributors respect the ethos & goodwill of Towards Greener Borders’ wider community, so that a positive message can extend from here around the world.

Thanks for joining us in a spirit of kinship. We look forward to the journey with you.



The video above was filmed from within the Author’s home during Summer 2020. As you can see from the movement of the leaves on the trees, there was a breeze blowing at the time that the spraying took place. This means that any spray would be drifting and that no boundaries whatsoever would be protective, nor any living thing – person, animal, plant – be kept safe from it.

Despite all windows being shut on our property, as soon as we become aware of the spraying, there is no way that we can know that the particles are not drifting into our home nor onto our organically managed property.

This is the reason why Towards Greener Borders was founded in May 2014 and the prompt to do so was keenly felt and urgent.

Read these articles written by Holly Maxwell Boydell on her blog:


Towards Greener Borders is a platform promoting a vision for an #organic, #sustainable & #healthy #environment, with a mission to encourage, empower, inform & inspire positive outcomes.

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