It Is All About Time

Do you have more Time? I heard someone say the other day that we have more time during Lockdown. Hmmm ... Do you have more time during Lockdown? I find that I have more to do, more to think about, more to care for, more to squeeze into a day ... and less energy, because I … Continue reading It Is All About Time

How To Have A Good Mindset During Lockdown Are you feeling stuck and finding the lockdown experience tedious? Are you feeling blessed to be in “lockdown”? Would it help to know that the way we think about our circumstances can be a major influencer of our outcomes and results? This is an early morning message that I recorded on Sunday 3 May … Continue reading How To Have A Good Mindset During Lockdown

Prayer Ministry

I am starting a worldwide Prayer Ministry and will be creating the Facebook group for it later today. Please look out for notification of this and or comment below this post if you would like to be prayed for. Mindfully,Holly x PS. Follow the blog to receive email updates of latest blogposts or to see … Continue reading Prayer Ministry