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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Holly Tree Tales.

Here you will find writing and other media, based on a wide range of experience in my journey of Life, where I share my thoughts on Life and how to live excellently and well.

The Holly Tree Tales has evolved since the blog began in early January 2015, to encompass a range of topics, which include writing on:

– Leadership principles

– Self-Development

– Relationship principles

– Life and autobiography

– Sustainability

– Environmental matters

– Natural lifestyle choices

– Health and wellbeing, etc.

The material published at The Holly Tree Tales also includes:

Poetry (my own and by a selected few other writers)

Recipes (usually organic, my own recipes)

Reading List of Books (featuring a range of authors).

The Holly Tree Tales will continue to change and to grow, as any organic organism does, just as in Life itself.

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Holly M Maxwell Boydell



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