A Thought For Every Tough Time

In Life, you will never be asked to go through more than you can handle. It's what you do with it that affects the rest of your Life. Often those who go through the toughest of times are the ones whose lights shine the brightest. Don't ever give up. Every tough time has something precious … Continue reading A Thought For Every Tough Time

Focus On Your Why

  Do you need a little help to get unstuck? Focus on your reason for something rather than on the obstacles. A strong WHY helps us to keep our focus on the path to achieve it. The plans and all the HOW reveal themselves as we become intentional about where we are headed. When the road gets tough, we … Continue reading Focus On Your Why

May Catching Up With April ~ A Newsletter

Dear Readers, A Catch Up It has been a while since I wrote one of my 'chatty' posts and so I thought it was time to have a catch up ~ this time, a letter of sorts. With Spring, in the northern hemisphere, came a sudden rush of visible activity outdoors - leaves popping open, … Continue reading May Catching Up With April ~ A Newsletter

There Will Always Be Someone

A little positive thought of the day ... There will always be someone who runs faster, climbs higher, earns more, has a better car, smiles more broadly, is more popular ... Focus on what it is that makes your heart truly sing and leave the rest to run their own best race. What others think … Continue reading There Will Always Be Someone

Find Something To Smile About

A little thought for the day: Sometimes we have to take whatever it is that we are dealing with and say "Do you know what? I choose to think positively, to hope magnificently, to take steps courageously and to believe in possibility." Why would we not? So, whatever it is that is tough, rough or … Continue reading Find Something To Smile About

Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

    Dear Readers, You might have noticed my absence from the Blog for a few weeks.  Hopefully, those who follow my Instagram posts and Twitter feed will have seen that I have been abroad on an adventure and realised that I have had my attention on matters of life.  I am now back in … Continue reading Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

Life Is Like The Tides

If your life is fabulous, be grateful. If your life is difficult, be grateful. Life is like the tides, everything moves & changes. * Whatever you are experiencing right now, know that it is only a matter of time before it passes. If life is going well, grab it with both hands and enjoy every … Continue reading Life Is Like The Tides