What others have said about The Holly Tree Tales and about Holly’s writing and her work generally

“Holly, I love your original and poetic style! Your phrasing captures my attention and makes me want to repeat certain phrases in my head, letting them marinate in my brain. Definitely glad I found you on here.”

~ Darla H.  at thirdseasonblog.com.

“I’m loving your blog …”

~ Alison J.
United Kingdom

“I really enjoyed what I have read so far of your poetry.  I’ve never had this talent, so I am struck by your style.  Thank you for sharing.  Looking forward to going deeper tomorrow!”

~ Linda R.

“Wow Holly, have you ever thought of writing your life story?  You have a very engaging writing style and it sounds like your story would be inspirational for overcoming adversity to triumph!  Well done, YOU!  …”

~ Lois W

“Thank you for caring to be so sharing.”

~ Malia

“Holly Maxwell Boydell you write so beautifully.”

~ Julia JN
Sydney, Australia

“You put hearts on everything.”

~ Josh G.
United Kingdom

“Holly, you will find many many people to pay for you being just Holly – write a blog, a book … we’re looking forward!”

~  Francine L.

“Holly, thank you for sharing your story.  I think you have a lot to share and help people with.”

~ Daniel W.

“Wow … Your website is BEAUTIFUL … “

~ Lee-Anne G.
New Zealand



What People have also said about …

Towards Greener Borders

“You are doing such good work.  Thank you for being there for the planet … Keep going!”

~ Gerry W.


 Prayer And Love Group

“You have brought such comfort and peace in my soul …”

~ Valerie S.

Thank You!



12 May 2021

“Thank you, Holly. You spoke to my SOUL.”
~ James ~

[on Clubhouse, 19 May 2021]


[more kind words to follow]

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