Keep Calm At Christmas

We heard the news last night, of greater restrictions across the United Kingdom.This has been a year of all sorts of uncertainty, changed plans, upheaval, disappointment ... and it has also held blessings.Now, we must decide what it is that we shall focus on. Each day we have the opportunity to choose what it is … Continue reading Keep Calm At Christmas

How To Have A Good Mindset During Lockdown Are you feeling stuck and finding the lockdown experience tedious? Are you feeling blessed to be in “lockdown”? Would it help to know that the way we think about our circumstances can be a major influencer of our outcomes and results? This is an early morning message that I recorded on Sunday 3 May … Continue reading How To Have A Good Mindset During Lockdown

For Now There Is Isolation

  Take a good look at the picture. What feelings does it conjure up for you? What is your initial impression of the image, as it relates to our world right now? ~ : ~ These are my thoughts, as shared in an Instagram post earlier today ...Life might feel like this at the moment, … Continue reading For Now There Is Isolation