Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem



Dear Readers,

You might have noticed my absence from the Blog for a few weeks.  Hopefully, those who follow my Instagram posts and Twitter feed will have seen that I have been abroad on an adventure and realised that I have had my attention on matters of life.  I am now back in the Blog Seat, returning with the mere hint of a story of great courage, adventure and spiritual specialness … my recent trip to Israel!  I look forward to telling you all about it in the coming days.

Since returning to The Holly Tree Tales site, I have noticed a few changes to how things work at the technological desk, so am going to need a little time to figure things out behind the scenes, before sailing ahead with my story about Israel.  I look forward to the day when someone else can make all of this communication lark plain sailing on my behalf!

As something a little different, I’ve decided to share a very personal and special video, which was recorded by one of my travel companions when his mother asked to have a copy of me reading my poem “New Hope”, one evening in Jerusalem.  I had thought, at the time, that the spontaneous recording was to be audio only, and had no idea that I was being filmed.  Graciously, the video was kindly made available by my friend, Alison, to our little group of travelling partners and so, as the poem was published on The Holly Tree Tales last July, I thought it would be fitting to publish the video here too.  It comes as a gift, in good faith, and I hope this little impromptu recording will bless any who listen to the words and the meaning behind them.

If  you would like to read the poem, it can be found at, having been written originally in May 1990, in the UK.

It was while on the aeroplane between London and Tel Aviv, that I suddenly thought of the words “Star of David there you stood …”, realised that I was possibly ‘speaking’ words of a poem that I had written … looked it up on my blog … and there it was! A poem I had written, indeed, and ripe for the occasion of this unbelievable journey I had embarked on at short notice.  Apparently the poem struck a chord with some who heard it read out … I hope it will bless you too.

With love and hope always,

Holly x

PS. The Instagram post which first featured this recording, in black and white, can be found here.



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2 thoughts on “Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

  1. Hi Holly,
    This morning while I was praying in spirit and truth…. the Lord brought my attention to you:) You and I sat together on the last evening of the TBN gathering for worship! What a precious time Israel was!!

    I hope to catch up with you sometime through email;)

    Blessed are you,

    Much Love,
    Becki DiMercurio

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Becki,

      What a precious and special note, thank you, and what incredible timing!

      I was looking at the photo of the two of us yesterday, and watched the highlights of the Caesarea event on TBN UK tv last night, mentioning my time with you to my family. It was an incredible evening all round, an amazing week, and unbelievable in so many ways. I feel so very blessed to have met you and I thought yesterday, too, that I must write an email. Thank you for the lovely surprise … thank you, Holy Spirit!

      Keep shining, Beautiful One, and we’ll connect privately soon.

      Much love,
      Holly X


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