The Beautiful Blues Wave Sounds I have a thing about blues, whites, ozone and the sounds of waves, anywhere in the world. This was filmed in March 2020, on the British East coast. Very maritime, don't you think?🎶💙🤍💙🤍🎶When I listen to the sound of the waves, I am transported back to a time in my life when I found … Continue reading The Beautiful Blues Wave Sounds

Life As A Garden

Reflecting on how I might incorporate writing about my and other gardens that I have experienced, into writing about various aspects of life in the content of The Holly Tree Tales blog, I scribed the following piece in 2017. At first, this was written onto a landing page, entitled "Life As A Garden", and I … Continue reading Life As A Garden

Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem

    Dear Readers, You might have noticed my absence from the Blog for a few weeks.  Hopefully, those who follow my Instagram posts and Twitter feed will have seen that I have been abroad on an adventure and realised that I have had my attention on matters of life.  I am now back in … Continue reading Catch Up & Live Recording of New Hope – A Poem