My Soul Is Satisfied ~ A Poem

IMG_1111 - THTT signed - Dark blue sky, gentle cloud, Spring leaves on ash + wild rose.


My Soul Is Satisfied

Like a morsel
you refresh me

You restore
my soul

Father God
I love you

You are all
I want

You go ahead
to prepare me

You anoint
my life

You alone
can satisfy

You grant me
loving life

You are in
my waking

You are in
my heart

You are
like a river

My soul
is satisfied.



Written on the morning of Sunday 20 May 2018.
I woke with the first ‘sentence’ (“Like a morsel you refresh me, You restore my soul, Father God I love you, You are all I want”) and then wrote the rest awake.

This might be referred to as a ‘Psalm’; it is also easily sung.


img_1964-thtt-signed.jpg - Poem - My Soul Is Satisfied by Holly M Maxwell Boydell - © The Holly Tree Tales


© Holly M Maxwell Boydell
All rights reserved.



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