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Holly Recycles

If you are interested in helping to support the environment, as well as ease the lives of workers in factories, please consider how you shop.  Look for ways to reduce your footprint by buying pre-loved, vintage, antique and second-hand items, rather than always buying brandnew.

We have recently begun a process of moving on pre-loved and vintage items which might be of interest to others to buy, taking those that are in good condition and selling them through Ebay.  At the moment most of the items featured are clothing, and there are anticipated to be other items coming soon.  The selection will potentially also include small plants and bulbs or seed from the organic property where the Author lives, as the ‘shop’ evolves.

If you are interested in supporting this small enterprise, “Holly Recycles”, please
1. Visit, follow and shop with us through the account on Ebay
2. Like and follow the corresponding page on Facebook, for updates from time to time.




The Author is available to give talks to groups, and is happy to discuss how she might add value to your event or gathering.  Please use the Contact Form to pursue this, in confidence.


Written Material & Publishing

The Author is happy to discuss having material published elsewhere, with prior and appropriate agreement.  Please use the Contact Form to pursue this.




Please consider making a donation, to support the ongoing work and outreach of The Holly Tree Tales and the fees to host this website.

Information can be found in the blogpost dated 3 February 2018, entitled “Introducing A Voluntary Financial Donation Facility to The Holly Tree Tales And Why”:

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