New Hope – A Poem


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New Hope

Star of David, there you stood
Behind your cross made of wood.
When you looked down into my eyes
The love I saw was a huge surprise.
Just when I was feeling low,
I had no hope, no place to go,
You stepped in and took my hand;
You showed me heaven, a wonderland.
Now, like Alice, I feel delight,
No longer afraid in the dead of night.
Living for today, not fearing tomorrow
New Hope is mine, far flung my sorrow.


~ : ~


Written 5 May 1990.


© Holly Maxwell Boydell
All rights reserved.





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Update 3 December 2019:

This poem appears in my first book, available currently as an ebook, which you can buy (to enjoy via Kindle or any other ereader) by going to

The paperback version will soon be out too.



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