Innercise Book ~ A Review

Innercise. The Innercise Book. The New Science To Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Power. Author, John Assaraf. Published 2018.

In this blogpost, I share a little about my experience of innercising, a review of the Innercise book, and some words about my journey with NeuroGym, the company founded by the author of this book, John Assaraf.  The second part of this blogpost is the ‘review’, which has since also been published on Amazon, in the review section for John Assaraf’s latest book.

You can find the book and my review on Amazon by clicking here.

It is not often that we have the opportunity to study life skills alongside an experienced and respected coach and trainer, to come under the tutelage of a number of experts in the field of NeuroScience, to rub shoulders with overcomers from around the world, to take our own life to higher ground in the process of writing a book review.  I am in that highly privileged position and it is with pleasure that I now share my thoughts on a brand new book, by a reknowned leader and life coach, New York Times bestselling author, John Assaraf, who has recently launched his latest book Innercise.

My life has changed and improved in a number of ways since I first learned of the word “innercise” (trademarked by John Assaraf, who initiated an entire programme of brain training exercise to do just that).

In March 2018 I attended an online event, called the “Brain-A-Thon” (which I have written about elsewhere in my blog as well, by way of invitation to the latest event), which led me to decide a week later that I would embark on a new journey of discovery, to rev up the workings of my brain and attempt to enhance the quality of my life.

As a diligent student of a programme based on daily innercises, ie brain training exercises, and a client of John Assaraf’s company, NeuroGym, I was thrilled to learn that John was about to publish a book on the subject.  There is already a vast treasury of resources available to every student and client of NeuroGym, and this book’s appearance means that, not only is the treasury enhanced further, and simplified, but there is now a tool that can be made even more widely accessible to people around the world.

As someone who wanted to improve and to grow in his own life, John Assaraf has been fascinated by the workings of the brain for over thirty years.  He is a man who has seen many sides of life, in different countries and on different continents where he has lived.  His life is played out in fairly widely open authenticity before the audience of his worldwide life coaching and peer-related studies community, as well as those of us who ‘walk’ alongside, to learn from and to support one another on our journeys, from all spheres of the social spectrum.  We can all see and know with what integrity John delivers what he learns in his own life.  This book delivers, from that point of authenticity.

The book “Innercise” landed at my front door last week.  While I have not yet completed doing so, I have taken the time to read it before writing this review.  I am finding much in the book that I have not yet come across in my study programme or the (almost) daily interaction I have with the group of NeuroGym Achievers that I am a member of, as a client of John Assaraf.

IMG_4721 - THTT signed - Holly M Maxwell Boydell.  Holding newly published book by John Assaraf.  Innercise. Photo date 9 October 2018. (c)

Without hesitation, I recommend this book wholeheartedly, not only to individuals who feel that there is more to life and need help to reach it, but to everyone in the education system, the business world, the health and wellbeing professions, in leadership of churches and other organisational groups, and in communities where it is recognised that the mind needs to be taken care of and people given the real and practical hope that comes with skills, which they are crying out for.

The author of the Innercise book has an ambitious dream of taking this book to millions of people, in order to raise the bar, to help to make a difference in every aspect of our lives.  He has written this book in a simple and yet concise style.  John Assaraf has, indeed, written much as he speaks to the crowd or to the person in tears on the sofa of his live screening of the online event “Brain-A-Thon” … He is real, relevant, contemporary, empathetic and normal to the core. Yet, there is nothing normal about this book and, to be truthful, there is nothing average about John Assaraf either.  He is dedicated beyond the point of usual dedication. He walks his talk, learning the skills he is sharing, to enhance his own journey and improve aspects of his own life as well as teach them.

In the writing of this book, John has employed the assistance of a vast body of knowledge from research done extensively by scientists and other researchers and professionals in the fields of  Psychology, Psychiatry and NeuroScience.  As a life coach, John knows his subject well, and can command an eyewatering hourly rate for his coaching one-on-one, because he gets results.  This book gives each person who has it, to read and to take notes from and/or to keep forever, an enormous body of hope, help and simple resource.  Everything is made easy for us … the bibliography at the back of the book is an indication of the amount of reference material that has been made digestible to the man/woman/child who picks this book up.  I am thrilled to be able to have this resource to share with others myself.

Innercise Book. Cover. Author John Assaraf. New Science To Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Power. Dr Srini Pillay quote - Harvard Psychiatrist + Brain Expert. Maximise Potential. Brain Training. Published 2018.

Did you know that your brain is powerful and that you can direct it by the way you think?
Did you know that you can alter habits of a lifetime, with simple exercises / innercises and repetition until you see what you prefer to happen in your life?
Did you know that you can tell your brain how best to approach a subject?
Did you know that you can alter the course of your financial life by the way you drive your sub-conscious brain?
Did you know that your sub-conscious brain can be a menace, but that it means well?
Did you know that simple ‘innercises’, such as breathing calmly in through your nose and breathing calmly out through your mouth six times (Innercise Number One, “Take Six”) can help you to deal with anxiety in any given situation?
Did you know that you need to get the right amount of sleep for you, for your brain to thrive and to perform at its peak for you?
Did you know that you can transform your mind by doing daily innercises and bringing your conscious and sub-conscious brains into alignment?
Did you know that your beliefs shape your reality?

You will find answers to these questions and a vast quantity of additional information in the book.  Yet, it is all simple and accessible.

In Chapter 5, John Assaraf teaches us about “Gorilla Warfare” ~  how we can overcome the ‘stuckness’ that our Gorilla mind (our sub-conscious) keeps us in, under the guise of keeping us safe as a preferred option.  We do not have to remain stuck and the author goes to great lengths to help us to see how we can move beyond our limitation.

In Chapter 7, the author speaks to the very real element present at many times in most people’s lives: FEAR.  He writes about the different ways that human beings experience fear and the different causes, and explains in clear and understandable ways how to use those fears as fuel, instead, to empower rather than to stall us.

In Chapter 9, John Assaraf digs deeply into the subject of Stress and Anxiety, so prevalent in our society today, and gives simple, mindful, empathetic guidance on how to manage ourselves and our thinking, in order to cope better and to move through situations in more empowered ways.

We all face stress and not all ‘stress’ is bad stress, but we need to become educated on the subject rather than add feelings of disempowerment to an already weakened thinking at any given time.  John helps the average person to see that they do not have to live bound in nervousness nor in fear, and that we can find ways to move through these mindfully and well.

One of my favourite chapters is entitled “Buff Your Brain”, no doubt due to the fact that this was my reason for watching the “Brain-A-Thon” in March this year, seeking help to buff my own brain.  In this section, we are taught about our three core neuro-muscles, how to understand them and how to use them to best effect, using innercises to strengthen those muscles.

“Our three core neuro-muscles are:

Awareness: to bring new insight to things inside and outside you that you barely notice and to give you the ability to choose.

Intention: to use the choice offered by awareness to decide what it is that you want.

Action: to focus on that chosen path and deliberately choose how you will think, feel and act.

These core neuro-muscles are most effective when repeatedly combined over extended periods of time.

Innercises are fast, reliable techniques to help you strengthen each of your core neuro-muscles.”   [page 69]

Sounds simple?  Yes, a lot of it is … and that’s the beauty of how we were designed.

One of the things I have noticed while reading John Assaraf’s book is that he has purposefully used contemporary language, which will appeal to a broad group, a modern audience and others, and be highly accessible to the generation who are in school and university today, as well.  There are ways of incorporating John Assaraf’s innercising audios, if desired, and information about links to a website where one can do so are included.

Throughout the book, John shares his own life experienc and he speaks to his audience from the heart, as well as from a position of authority.  To be honest, I think that any person who lives what they teaches, who has overcome challenges that many have not been prepared to face nor to excell in as a result of, and who gets results, is an authority and deserves to be referred to as an expert.

John Assaraf does not carry around the attitude of someone who considers himself above nor wiser than any man.  He is humble, and he is strong, his words and his life match.  This man, who is a friend to many and lives a life of fun and success with integrity, has produced a book which he hopes will help to change ‘the world’ … indeed, I am happy to help him to do so by giving the book five stars.

If you would like to lift the timbre of your life, I urge you to read and to learn from this great little book, “Innercise.

I have included “Innercise” in my READING LIST at The Holly Tree Tales.

Good book, John.  We all thank you.  Well, I certainly do anyway and it has been an absolute pleasure to write a review.

Yours in health, wellbeing, hope and success!

Holly  x


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