Find Something To Smile About

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A little thought for the day:

Sometimes we have to take whatever it is that we are dealing with and say “Do you know what? I choose to think positively, to hope magnificently, to take steps courageously and to believe in possibility.” Why would we not?

So, whatever it is that is tough, rough or feels unbearable, know this: it will pass and you will come out the other side a whole lot wiser, stronger, bolder, more refined (as gold) for having been through the fire.

Those who have experienced texture and trials in life, are the ones who find that their story and their values have impact, that their integrity reaps rewards, their true wealth is immeasurably valuable because it has been tested in the furnace of life.

Those who put their shoulders back, walk into the wind and, even while exhausted, share their portion with others, are the true leaders in this world that celebrates shallow celebrity and mindless gain.

Our minds are powerful and our choices belong to us.

Whatever you are facing, even in the tears or the frustrated plans, “Find something to smile about!” … In laughter and in joy we find strength.

Look for the little funny things.

Look to the reasons for smiling and embrace them with all your heart. That is where your courage is, safely housed … deep down in your heart … trust it and find a reason to smile, from the place of wonder, fun and love.

Even little children know this … and so do you.

Smile. Shine. Walk on. All is well.



With love,

Holly x


PS.  Yes, that’s me. On way to HM The Queen’s garden party, July 2016. To this day I have no idea who arranged the invitation.




[This original version of this post was first published on Instagram, on 2 October 2018.]




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