Notice The Gold All Around You

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Dear Readers,

Today I thought “it is time for a little catch-up“. 

How quickly we can lose our days, when we do not stop and take in the little moments, which are each as precious as life can get.  Hence this post.

It is Friday, my week has been crazy, I have been learning all sorts of new things over the past weeks, as well as ‘upskilling tech-wise’ as I go.  It would be good to have a team attending much of what I have been doing myself, but the greatness in this is that I have been practising mental flexibility and gaining confidence in leaps and bounds, through the access to flow that comes with the repeated practice of any given or voluntary, unfamiliar task.

Caught up in the midst of facing challenges head-on, exhausted as I grow, inspired by the lessons, determined to persevere until I see the clouds part and sunshine shed its warmth on different aspects and projects that I’ve been tackling or am yet to, I am aware that it is important to stop, to breathe mindfully, to take in the NOW of today.  This hour, this minute, this second, this breath ~ I seeing the blessings and the ‘gold’ everywhere I look.

One day this week, in the midst of working at my computer, I stopped.  I looked out of the window.  I saw the gold all around my garden.  Captivated, I walked outside to capture the moment of beautiful clarity, while the sky was blue and morning sunlight lit the Autumn leaves of trees in the small woodland beside our current home.

The tallest tree, pictured, is an Ash tree ~ one of the first in our garden to lose its leaves for the season ~ I have nicknamed it “The Tree of Life”.  I love that tree.  It gives me so much comfort, hope and inspiration.  The girth of it, at the base, is so vast that I imagine fairies and elves must surely live there. Oops, away went my imagination …

Now back to the tasks that I have set myself to tackle and to achieve today.

I hope that you, too, will remember to stop regularly, to look up, look down and all around you, noticing the ‘gold’ in your life.  Our lives are made up of moments and it seems that those who learn to live gratefully in the moment are the ones who are the richest people on earth.

Be blessed in every one of your moments today.



Holly x




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