Brain Health Meets The Innercise Book

Innercise Book cover, scanned from a photocopy of sample book pages, prelaunch. September 2018


Have you heard of “Innercise” yet?  A book about the brain, it is NOW available, hot off the press this week!  [September 2018]

Here is a little of my story and my personal connection to the brain training and life coaching work of the author of this book, John Assaraf.  He is CEO of a company called “NeuroGym“, which is based in San Diego, USA. 

I ‘met’ John Assaraf through his work and influence on the internet, a few months ago.


Over the past few years I have become fascinated by the concept of our minds and brains being able to perform better. This has given me so much hope, following seriously debilitating nervous breakdown that I suffered as a result of years of stress, culminating in the trauma around a move in 2006.

I have written a little previously, within the pages of my blog and elsewhere, about this experience and the effect it has had on my life.  It was not the first time that I had ‘broken’, but it was by far the worst. 

I had always been adaptable and able to respond quickly and positively to changing situations throughout my life, having had a great deal of experience of change and challenge since early childhood, but some years prior to 2006 I had reached saturation point and my ‘elastic’ had snapped. 

Slowly, I had put myself back together again and had overcome a number of setbacks and life challenge, even going so far as to create and build a strong little business when my youngest child began school.  However, this was all halted in mid 2006.

The most dramatic resultant collapse of my nerves and peace of mind happened in the process of leaving Australia to travel to Britain, without a plan in place and without our next home having been secured, nor any idea of how our family was to earn its livelihood, nor where.  It was an adventure that was perfectly without form and it broke me more than anything else had been able to before then. 

I managed, nevertheless, to push the boat out in every way I possibly could to ensure that my children were raised to the very best of my ability and that we had the ‘essence of home’ in order, but there was little that I could additionally manage without extreme effort and resolve.  My nerves were shot and I was exhausted.  Unfortunately, that was not the worst of it and the challenges kept on stepping up.

Late August 2018 marked the twelfth anniversary of our family’s arrival in (and my return to) the UK, where I have lived before.  At the time of writing this, 28 September 2018, I have been struggling my way back to fluid functioning in almost every area of life as a result of the 2006 breakdown and other life challenges and stressors ever since, balancing healing with life as best I could.

After a great deal of personal work, my faith and belief in God, learning about my condition and how it can be described as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), my determination to get beyond its limitations, and with the support of a number of people both in Britain and abroad, showing and giving me validation and love, I can now safely say that I am (almost) free of the chains that have bound me in a variety of ways for twelve years. 

I hope never ever to have to suffer such extreme lack of confidence, emotional imbalance, lack of energy, environmental stress, lack of fortitude in certain areas and hugely reduced physical strength again.  I hope, now that I have the tools to cope and indeed have begun to thrive once more, that my story will help to empower others to break out of their imprisonment too.

At the end of March 2018, a few short months ago, and a mere two or three weeks after I had returned from a huge ‘solo’ adventure to Israel (arranged at short notice and taking great courage for me to do so), I began a new journey.  Again, as with going to Israel, this was fairly spontaneous, following an inner prompt to attend the internet screening of an event known as the “Brain-A-Thon“, hosted by John Assaraf and NeuroGym, on Saturday 24 March 2018.

After watching the entire eight hour screening, with reams of pages of handwritten notes to consider what I had heard and learned, a few days later I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for one of the programmes that John Assaraf has created with his team.  It felt that I was being led to take my adventure of life to the next level. 

Thus, amongst other projects and journeys I am on, reading and participating in the practical life skills training and coaching by John Assaraf himself, assisted by his team of Neuro Scientists (eg Mark Waldman) and other professionals, my journey as a member of NeuroGym has consumed much of my life for the past six months, as I have stepped up my learning, my healing and my ‘game’.

I am hugely appreciative of the wide-ranging support and clarity I have been receiving on this particular journey, as I have made use of daily “innercises” to retrain my brain.

There is scientific evidence that our lives can become so much better and we do NOT have to go downhill as we gain age, nor do we have to remain stuck in neutral and in pain. This thrills me. It also thrills me to know that, at any stage in life, anyone’s life can be so much more healthy and empowered.

I am excited about John Assaraf’s new book, which was launched this week, and know that (even without having read it entirely myself yet), “Innercise” will help to change many, many people’s lives.  I am certainly blessed by the effect that innercising has had on my life and on my productivity in daily life, and I am excited to see where this is going to take me in my own dreams about making a difference in the world.


Innercise. The Innercise Book. The New Science To Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Power. Author, John Assaraf. Published 2018.

It has been a mission to find my feet again and I am still recovering my strength after an extremely long time of living with stress and tension, outrageous challenge and untold amounts of pressure, coming at me from every side, prolonged beyond reason. 

It is wonderful to look ahead and know that great things are here, that great achievement has happened for me this year, that great surprises are around every corner still.  This is accessible to anyone who needs to improve their lives.

I am so grateful that I was led to this science in the process of my own healing and growth, and that I was led to John Assaraf and NeuroGym.  The field of brain discovery is very intriguing indeed and I see so much hope here! It is wonderful to know that we can overcome!!

As I have stated and amongst others whose work I follow (such as Dr Caroline Leaf), John Assaraf ‘s coaching and mentoring has been a highly significant part of my journey to freedom and achievement, added strength and growth this year. He has written other excellent books, but this one is the most exciting, in my humble opinion, and is brand newly available.

Now, as a member of the “NeuroGym Achievers group” worldwide,* I have a special link to the promotional materials that come with the book, for those who place their orders during this early launch period.

* [Note: this launch period with its offers has now expired, but the book is available through the usual booksellers and comes with a bundle of free bonuses.]

Take a peek.  I think you will be as intrigued as I was when I heard that John’s book was underway – and now it is widely available to all of us!

The purchase links are:



There is great value in taking the time to design our lives for health and calm and success, giving back to and enhancing the lives of those around us as well, in the process of becoming our best selves.

I wish to help to spread the word about the value of innercising. 

Blessings on your journey to achievement and excellent brain health!

Remember, it is our minds that drive our brains, not the other way around.

With strength, hope and love,

Holly x


The Innercise Book by John Assaraf.


 Since writing this article, I have become a Joint Venture Partner / Affiliate of NeuroGym. 

PS. There is a Brain-A-Thon screening for you to participate in each weekend. Register to attend by clicking here.

PPS.  The words “Innercise” and “Innercising” are trademarked, initiated, registered and owned by John Assaraf.



[This article was first published on 28 September 2018
and most recently updated on 26 September 2020]



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