Always Grow

IMG_4761 - Ash tree. Birch. Sycamore. Mixed Woodland. Arboretum. Early Autumn. Growth. Healthy Trees. Seasons. Life. (c) The Holly Tree Tales


Never never never stop growing.
Brains love growth. Cells love multiplication. Live to grow. And to love it, while loving others as you grow and helping others grow. Both are good for you. Growth and Love. Positive mindsets are all about growth. Health is all about being positive. Winning is good and winners are never stagnant. Grow. Water, Nurture, Focus, Grow. Grow grow grow grow grow. Forget ‘retire’, it’s for boring people. Never never never become a bore. Think ‘re-tyre’ instead. Think vibrancy and new life. Think ahead. Think learning. Think excellence. Focus on NOW – what’s in your toolbag, what do you need, what must you learn, what must you exercise, what must you shove, what must you replace, what must you exceed, what must you embrace, what must you release, what must you invigorate? Never stop … only to rest, often, mindfully … and then Grow. Grow. Grow.
Never never never stop growing.
Life is so precious and all we are guaranteed is NOW.
Always grow.




With love,

Holly x





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