First Book of Ten Poems Coming Soon!

3D (1) - Ten Poems ~ Volume One ~ A Compilation of Soul Poems by (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell ~ ~ copyright. all rights reserved.

Sneak preview!
Excitement is building.

First the ebook, my first ever, then the paperback will follow.

Do you like the cover?
I am thrilled with it.

Stand by for more announcements, as the process moves towards the finish line for this first phase.

Once it’s on the ‘stage’, I shall be inviting everyone to buy a copy on Amazon. If enough copies sell and are given great reviews, there’ll be a Volume Two!

This is a most exciting step for me in the world of books and publishing, of any type, and has been a long time coming! I’m looking forward to sharing my tiny book with you!

It has been quite a nerve wracking experience but, how will we ever know if we might succeed at something, if we do not try?

I am trusting that the words and poetry in this book will bless many others and that the book will reach far and wide. It contains poems that have been written over several decades and is as authentic as they come.

Can’t wait to announce the publishing launch date and to invite everyone to hop on board and help to make this take off and fly to wherever it is needed most!

I’ll let you know more soon …


In haste,
Holly x




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