Success Is About Growth

The Iceberg Illusion. Success. The Illusion of Success. (image via the internet).

[image from the internet]

How do you see SUCCESS?

What do you think of this image?

Would you agree that SUCCESS looks easy?

Spare a thought for the leaders in this world … many of them have stories of epic proportion.

SUCCESS is more about growth than anything else.

Don’t ask for easy if you’re planning on SUCCESS.

Leaders GROW through some pretty big stuff.

If your life is looking a bit like this … keep on …

SUCCESS is a daily savouring of every little thing …

And SUCCESS comes to those who persevere, have courage, keep to the path even when it’s hard.

Be thankful if your journey is easy …

And know that SUCCESS is a matter of perspective: Yours or theirs. It’s not all always what it seems.

How do you see SUCCESS?

SUCCESS is about growth.

Would you agree?




Holly x



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