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IMG_6733 - Brain Training. Neuro Science. Brain + Spinal Cord in tall container - From Internet - Original source unknown.

I saw this picture of a brain recently (source of image unknown) and it fascinates me.

Did you know, our brains are incredible organisms – yes, organisms, not organs –  with the most wonderful capacity for renewal and change?

Our conscious brain can direct our nonconscious brain (which is the powerful engine driving us to be, do and achieve), towards better outcomes than what we are generally accustomed to.  We can make conscious decisions to change the trajectory of our day to day lives, by repeatedly putting the right messages before the nonconscious part of our brains, in order to change the auto pilot, default setting of what our brain usually guides us towards … if we so wish.

If you would like to know more about the different aspects and capabilities of your brain, you might like to read the very accessible book “Innercise”, written in contemporary style by New York Times bestselling author, John Assaraf.  I have written about my story and the “Innercise” book on my blog at The Holly Tree Tales, in two previous blogposts here – one entitled “Brain Health Meets The Innercise Book” and the other “Innercise Book ~ A Review”.

When we become informed, we find freedom in all sorts of ways and we see that there is always hope.  By becoming fascinated with the working of our brains, we discover that it is perfectly possible to learn how to improve our lives with relative ease, how to make better choices for ourselves and for those around us.  We learn that it is indeed appropriate and possible to “be renewed by the transforming of your mind”*.

Our brains are the most elegant and amazing creations and we can use them to serve us and others powerfully well, if we choose to do so.  No person has to succumb to the mentality of the herd – we each have free will.  Nor are we limited, except by our beliefs. We can each choose the beliefs we wish to go along with.

We have the capacity to live phenomenally rich lives, when we are prepared to put in the work, and are ‘primed’ by our own efforts to live our one precious life on earth well.

Never, ever underestimate the power of the mind, will and emotions. Employ the most powerful resource you have, your brain, to direct you towards that which you love, in harmony and in truth, in alignment with all that is. You can find ways to live to the best of your capacity, with health, with calm and with strategy and order.  It is not necessary to live lives of chaos and nor is it good for us to do so.

You can and will keep on improving as you age – if you choose to put in the focus and the work. The brain is beautiful, perfectly designed to help us to win and to enjoy doing life well, when we make good choices and steer the ship with wisdom, empowering ourselves towards success through our decisions.

There is no limit to our potential nor to the hope that is ‘out there’ for us.  We can continually grow as we learm how to resonate with life in sustainable, wonderful ways. Being blessed on our journey, teaching our nonconscious brains to go after what we love, instead of accepting mediocrity, is entirely possible.

We are designed to live well and there are simple ways to go about it, which are accessible to all.  All we have to do is become educated, explore the skills and tools at our disposal, and put them into practice in ways that are best suited to our most desired outcomes.

Always remember: “Where there is life, there is hope”.

Perhaps today would be a good day to learn more about the fascinating subject of your wonderful brain too?  I have certainly had a most incredible journey this year, as I have been learning more about mine.

Mindfully and wishing you success in all areas of life,




Holly x


PS. Links to purchase the “Innercise” book can be found in the Reading List at The Holly Tree Tales or you can go directly to Amazon by clicking here



* Romans 12:2, The Holy Bible.




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