Think The Right Thing

Think the right thing - Quote by (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell - The Holly Tree Tales - 13.12.2018

“Think the right thing.”


Do we realise how powerful our thoughts are, how we influence much in our lives by how we think?

One of my methods for dealing with diabolical situations, is to find points of humour and I easily laugh with myself.

When we laugh, tension is released and we feel so much better than when we ruminate on what’s not going well.

Our thinking can make our lives feel better, even in a storm, when we proactively notice goodness, grace and have a laugh.

No one can get inside our heads, but our thinking can ‘get’ outside and all around us. Our thinking is often the cause and we then need to exam the root of what caused the thinking, if the effect is not to our taste.

Be blessed by your thinking …

“Think the right thing.”




In mindfulness,
Holly x


PS. This post first appeared on Instagram at on 13 December 2018



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