Unlimited Potential

2 Aug 2019 - NeuroGym resources + my Having It All studies

I love to learn. Do you?

This morning I was studying some of my NeuroScience materials, taking time to be focused on one of the brain retraining programmes that I have been engaged in, and learning all sorts about our beautiful, phenomenal, wonderful brains.

Did you know that we have unlimited potential and that we CAN continue to learn and grow?

Did you know that there is always hope and that we have been designed to have free will?

Did you know that our subconscious minds do the bidding of our beliefs, habits and conditioned thinking patterns?

Did you know that we can exercise (innercise) our free will via the conscious facilities of our brains, to drive our non-conscious lives?

Did you know that our subconscious minds are designed and connected to the energy of the universe and to the Creator of this incredible world?

Did you know that we can learn to “Be Still” and draw closer to God by taking the time to become aware, to breathe mindfully, to listen, to be?

Did you know that YOU are AMAZING and that you are loved by the Divine?

Did you know that you are “fearfully and powerfully made”? Isn’t this WONDERFUL?

Did you know that you are a phenomenal human being and that your brain is capable of way more than even Google can?

Your beautiful brain deserves care and you deserve to love and to live life in all the most healthy, empowered ways.

Are you curious to know more?
If so, I’ve shared a link to find out more, at the end of this post.

Shine … Smile … Learn … Grow … Trust …

There is always hope …

And celebrate!

You are awesome indeed.



Mindfully yours,

Holly x





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