Self-Assessment Makes Ways

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From time to time it is a good idea to take a few moments to stop and consider how we are making choices, decisions, impacting the lives of those around us and further afield.

It is known that ‘what we give out comes back to us’.  Therefore, it makes good sense to do an honest inventory of ourselves from time to time.  If we are getting the results in life that we love and that sustain us well, then the chances are we have been operating from a mindful and aware state of mind.  However, in general, it is quite simple to understand that, if we are making bad choices (in attitude and action), then we shall of course reap the rewards of those and might be experiencing fallout as a result.

Accompanying this note is a list of things that you might like to take the time to ponder, about your own life, knowing that the process might reveal things about you which you had not realised before.  The object of this little exercise is to help you to retrain your thinking, in order to improve your life.

Naturally, it is imperative that, on any journey, we begin by being clear about where our starting point is.  Thus the start of this written exercise – yes, it is important that you take the time to write these things down – begins with us having to take a good, hard look at ourselves and our impact on others, which may possibly have created blockages in our lives.

It would be interesting to hear whether you found this exercise of use and how it has made a difference in your life.  I have compiled the list of questions to ask ourselves, knowing how valuable and effective self-awareness is.

All the best with your journey into your own motives, actions and attitudes.  I trust that you will reap wonderful benefits as a result of having attended to these, and that self-assessment will become one of your frequently used life enhancing tools.

Here is the list, A Self Assessment*, which we are each to ask ourselves …



1.  Where have I created disunity?

2.  Where have I resisted?

3.  Where have I hurt someone?

4.  Where have I deceived someone?

5.  Where have I taken the easy, rather than the right, way?

6.  Where have I ignored needs?

7.  Where have I robbed others?

8.  Where have I excelled?

9.  Where have I succeeded?

10.  Where have I made life better?

11.  Where have I inspired others?

12.  Where have I given back?

13.  Where have I heard instruction and acted positively on it?

14.  Where am I drawing my influences from?

15.  What excellent examples am I leading by?

16.  What lasting impressions am I making on others’ lives?

17.  How am I increasing what has been given to me?

18.  How am I showing respect for others?

19.  How am I honouring all life?

20.  How am I giving and receiving LOVE?

21.  What am I most grateful for?

22.  What sustains me?

23.  What do I do to lift others up?

24.  Who am I helping, to improve the quality of their lives?

25.  How am I loving myself?

26.  What difference am I making in the lives of those closest to me?

27.  Who am I blaming?

28.  Who do I need to forgive?

29.  What has hurt me in the past?

30.  How will (shall) I improve the ways I act and live my life?

31.  Am I making the best use of my time, which is LIFE?

32.  How else might I make excellent choices in what I think and do and say?



In trust, believing for excellent outcomes!

Holly x


[Please note that this list* was created by and is the copyright ownership of
Holly M Maxwell Boydell, all rights reserved.]



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