On Holiness

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Do you know what #holiness is?

Sometimes in life we wonder why we feel drawn away from the crowd, why things that others are doing does not feel right to us and holds little appeal.

Sometimes we find ourselves alone in situations where it would be easier to go with the flow of the many, but we find ourselves pulled to go against it and, when we listen to that inner prompt to go in the opposite direction, we find that we experience an indescribable peace, where the questions become irrevelant.

Sometimes we look out at a busy world and wonder at our isolation, feel lonely and wish it were otherwise, and long for the distances to end, for there to be a coming together instead.

Sometimes we find ourselves facing the rain, while those we love are facing the sun.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves stopped in our tracks and no amount of pushing or striving will make one iota of difference … There simply is no way of moving forward, no way of going back … And so we wait. And we learn the art of perseverance. And we learn about many strengths. And we find ways to trust, even in our weakness. And we learn about patience.

We begin to hear and we learn to listen …. And we start to understand that we are being led and being trained for something far greater than “this” …

Set apart, we begin to move within a life-giving rhythm and we start to meet our “holiness”, becoming more whole than we ever could be whilst moulded to the crowd.

It is when we begin to see this with our inner knowing, that we start to understand that all is possible and life is limitless, when we operate from a position of distance, set apart to experience the full beauty, power and elegance of absolute and abiding trust in Grace.

“Holiness” is a place of wholeness, and it requires being ‘set apart’ in certain ways and certain seasons in our lives. Without being set apart, we would simply be like everyone else and it would dull our shine …

Holiness is weakness made pure, carried by the power of the Universe that is a river of #Life flowing deep within.



“Do you know what holiness is?

It means ‘set apart’ …

‘Set apart’, because you are precious.”

~ Joseph Prince






This post first appeared on Instagram, and can be viewed here.



© Holly Maxwell Boydell





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