Why Do I Write?

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Asked: “Why Do You Write?”

Answer: “I write because I can’t draw …


No, that is not entirely true.

I write because it is the music I make without a keyboard with sounds. I write because I have written since I was a little girl, learning to spell, standing in line to have my homework tested and receiving ticks or crosses … it was the ticks I was after, and so I learnt my words. I write because that little girl is still inside me and she has become a Woman who shares the grace that Life has taught her, and it is too much to hold within. I write when I cannot cry. I write because I can cry. I write so that others can find me. I write so that others can find a hand to hold when they are drowning inside. I write so that my children will find words that they can learn and grow more from. I write so that I might be heard. I write in the hope that someone will scoop me out of the sticks and hold my hand, help me up and back onto the stage. I write to share my story, because it is too far out to sound true. I write because I’ve been designed to do that and it helps me to breathe in the waves. I write to share my blessings. I write because I survived. I write because words come easily to me and it is often the road of least resistance. I write because so many have asked me to. I write because it has helped me to walk again.

With love, always I write with love …

Even in the strongest terms, I write with love … and always with hope.



Holly x


PS. I was inspired to write this piece in order to answer the question asked by a fellow Writer,  Cristian Mihai, via his blogpost “Why do you write?” which can be found at https://cristianmihai.net/2017/11/10/why-do-you-write/ and by clicking here.


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