Look Deeper For The Thrive Button

Never look on the outside assuming that someone else’s life is perfect.

Nor that what you see and judge on the outside magically appeared.

There might be ‘trappings’, but there might also be pain.

There might be outer signs of confidence, but there could well be trembling tears behind closed screens and doors.

I did not wake up one day, healed from the pain of a severe nervous breakdown … I have had to really, really, push myself to show up for myself each and every day … most days I only showed up for my loved ones.

Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Sometimes others forget us. Sometimes that which we need the most is missing. Sometimes we are peddling like crazy underwater and yet the ‘lake’ that others see appears calm … because we got too focused on peddling to not drown that we lost our ability to cry or to ask for help …

Life is usually not what it seems.

Those who lead and lead well, are frequently the ones who went through the big storms and survived … now helping others to thrive without having to go through all the pain.

One of my key intentions for 2022 was to get acquainted with the concept of self care. One of the ways I am doing that, is spending life moments in the company of real people who do not pretend that they have it all sussed, who are connected with their hearts, who choose the light instead of the dark … even though they are well acquainted with the dark themselves … and choose to keep growing and breathing, dancing, smiling even through the tears.

They are the ones who turn around and lift others up. Who are always naturally sharing from their little loaf of life, because they recognise that this is how we all get fed and how we sustain ourselves.

They never stop learning and growing. They do not have time to sit around and judge, to gossip, to speculate, to criticise from the sidelines … they know life itself is precious and they are in the game because they choose empowerment and growing calm in themselves.

This week I am honoured to be attending the Time to Thrive challenge as an Affiliate AND most especially for my own benefit, so that I can keep my mind uplifted, inspired, filled with good vibes!



Holly x

PS. Thank you for following my blog. It means a lot to me.

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