Sustainability Starts With Love

Lady with peaches in an organic garden. (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell

I want to show you a few foods and flowers that are growing in our biodiverse, fairly wild, organic garden.

It really is a blessing to be able to grow your own and in the almost thirteen years that we have lived here, we have not imported any soils for raised beds etc … all has been produced by us, on the property, in our composting systems and using materials here.

It is such a pleasure to be able to pick food that we have grown ourselves and nothing beats the health properties of those eaten straight from the plant.

One might not have formal qualifications in sustainability anything, at a time when so much is needed to be turned around on our planet …

Yet the Earth calls to each of us, at a very basic level too …

Plug in. We need to be grounded and in contact with what #sustainability really is all about.

It starts at home.
It starts on the ground.
It begins in the place we all start … the heart and the soul.

It really is that simple.

Here, some bounty from our beautiful and wildly glorious garden …

A wonderful harvest of little peaches!

I wish you could all come over to play!


From a type of Eden …

With love,

Holly x

PS. If only the farming with chemicals surrounding the garden would change to organic too! It is time for massive change on the land and in the countryside. One lives in hope.

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