Sky Lessons

A clear blue sky. (c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

I lay down on the Earth, looking up and into the deep deep blueness of the sky, watching swallows darting and dancing … and then an aeroplane flying high above too …

And I pondered the fact that the little birds have been here with us, in the UK, having flown all the way from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, now teaching their young to flow with the winds, to play to dart, to dance up high …

And I felt so connected, so plugged into wonder and grace and awe and reverence …

As I mused on the delightful awareness that beyond the sky is ‘the limit’ and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

All we have to do is trust, believe, learn a few skills, practise practise practise and play play play …

And who knows?

One day we might even be empowering others along the way!

All the focus simply needs to be on the completely impossible!!


With all the nonchalance of a dancing swallow!

Whatever we believe, we can conceive …

Look at the aeroplane!

Who knew it could carry cargo and passengers all the way to the other hemisphere and ‘side of the world’?

The ones who believed!!

Be One Who Believes …

Our belief even extends to the Passengers and it has the power to literally change lives.

Anything is possible.

Thank you Sky for the lessons!



Holly x


PS. Empowerment is all around us!

(c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

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