On Pain And On Love

On Pain and on Love

From time to time, things come along to test and to try us.

How we show up when this happens, says a lot about who we are and where we are, on our personal development journey.

This week I am in one of those emotionally challenging times and have found myself felled with pain, as I go through waves of grief.

So, why have I chosen to illustrate this post with a “Bitmoji” that gives a message of joy and the positive sprinkling of love?

For me, everything comes back to our core values, our expression of those and where we find our pivot point.

In order to get back to my healthy core, my pivot point and to find my balance, I activate the love inside and I let it out … in the pain as well.

There are so many ways to express and to experience love … and some of these can even seem quite tough.

In pain, I see that more capacity is being created, for us to be filled with and to express our love.

My friend Mark Robert Waldman, top brain researcher and NeuroCoach, teaches (in his course “Love And The Brain”) that there are many ways to express or to describe love and that love itself is more a sense than something that is easy to pin down.

When we pour love into all the ways that we do life and we find small ways to notice when and where it is around us, we enable our healing process and we have something powerful to stand on, even in the most painful life waves.

When we find the things that we are grateful for, we strengthen ourselves.


With love,

Holly x

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