The Whites Of The Garden

White. Green. Trees. Rambling roses. Holly’s Organic Garden.

The whites are coming …

There are two types of white-flowering rambling rose in our garden and they’re popping open this week.

For the glorious purity and grace of the moment, we also have white “mock orange” and some other white plants in bloom at the moment.

The white lupins and white viola are amongst my favourites, along with the ever-special “Winchester Cathedral” roses, by David Austin Roses, in the flower beds and white lavender beside a set of steps …

I love white!

Green and white is one of my favourite colour combinations, so fresh and so adaptable and so gracious.

Soon the sound of the bumblebees sipping the honey fragranced nectar of rambling roses will be amazing!

I am grateful to be able to step outside and drink in the awesomeness of Nature in this beautiful and sacred place.



Holly x

PS. Are you needing a good pair of secateurs? Here is one that I recommend.

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