The First Mince Pie And Musings

I had my first mince pie of the season for afternoon tea on 23rd Dec 2020. It was laced with blessings, made with love.

I ate it slowly, carefully, mindfully. I had mixed the fruit brew on 22nd, while our ancient Land Rover was being made roadworthy, emergency repairs at a garage mechanics’ workshop (not Elves or Father Christmas, but immaculate timing nevertheless).

Thankfully, miraculously, my husband was able to get to York to collect our daughter, a necessary process as part of her moving house, and they landed safely way past midnight … the journey all safe. Praise God.

Our daughter, Amber, made the family mince pies for me – her pastry, my filling, her special touch.

We are so grateful for every blessing in our home and that all our loved ones are safe and well, in different parts of the country and the world. It is a strange Christmas.

It is a time to look at the tiniest blessings and to enlarge and savour them. This makes it a very good time.

We learn the most in times of leanness and drought of any sort. We expand our hearts. We expand our borders. We raise our standards. We practise mindful awareness, compassion, empathy, love.

This is what Christ came to help us to learn. He was not airlifted to The Ritz, as divine as it is too … he was cradled in a manger …

Let’s remember what this means, whether or not we ‘believe’. And let’s be aware of how far Christmas has strayed from the message of Light in the world. 🌲✨✨✨

I am grateful for everything … every tiny nibble. Every experience. Every person in my life, now or past.

And for those who have passed … with us in spirit, I’m sure … we are as close as breath when we spend time thinking of them and feeling the love … ✨✨✨

May the peace of Christ be in each and every home, may the light fill our hearts, may we all be kind, may joy be our fuel, may love ignite our every thought and action.


Happy Christmas, Every One.

Have a peaceful time, where you are at right now, and may hope fill your soul too.

With my love,

Holly x


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